Sunday, December 3, 2006

My life is a boat being blown by you...

#21 - No Come Down (The Verve)
Hey my friend are we gonna make it till Monday?
Another Friday night waiting for a revelation
I can see a million faces in the condensation
More to come about Richard Ashcroft's lyrics, but this album is amazing (just look at the cool cover artwork!). With the exception of the rockier Blue and the phenomenal live version of Gravity Grace, this B-side collection is a quiet lullaby of layered sound. It might just put you to sleep, but you'll have some great dreams in the process. Originally released in 1994, I've been drowned in this record since '99 and still spin more often that most other discs. It's not a "car" album, but blast this album on a sunny October day and it will refresh your mind. This album almost flows as one long accoustic sensation, held together by the sweet succession of Make It Till Monday, Butterfly (accoustic version), Where The Geese Go, 6'OClock, and the great rise and fall of the 7 minute One Way To Go. Hard to pick a favorite song on this beautiful gem, but don't forget to check out the dreamy Verve E.P. and A Storm In Heaven to compliment what is meant to be a trio of musical dreamscapes.

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Papa Shoegaze said...

its about time we hear from The Verve. ill always remember the Verve mix you made me for college. the malibu played it frequently on State St.
im picking the rest of mine by which ones put me to sleep exactly when the album closes.