Monday, December 11, 2006

Willie Nelson is a Commie...

as my grandfather would say, followed by the perfunctory, "he ain't country." Willie ain't being country is likely due to his long hair, a love of the sticky-icky, and more than likely a resemblance to my uncle, his second son.

I think my grandfather would like my # 17 - Jacksonville City Nights - Ryan Adams. Nothing much to say about it other than 2005 was like Ryan Adams' personal competition with the CSI franchise. Just as Chad Eggleston has pointed out that one day we will all have our own CSI, in 2005 it seemed as if we would all have our own Ryan Adams' album. My favorite bootleg of 2005: "Hey Justin Phillips! You're my West Tennessee buddy. Love, Ryan Adams." It's more of a concept album.

Favorite tracks: "Dear John" with Norah Jones, "September" and "A Kiss Before I go"

Best if listened to: At the beginning of (or end, doesn't matter) a bender on your grandfather's fronch porch with your Willie Nelson-hatin' grandfather.


Big Cougar said...

When CSI: Whiskeytown went off the air I think we all were disappointed. Good thing Adams developed about three trillion spin-offs. For some reason, though, I have a hard time accepting the fact that I really like most of Ryan Adams' catalog. Oh yeah, that reason is him. I will grant, though, that despite his prickish personality Love is Hell, Pt.1, among others, is a damn good record. Major kudos for pulling off a "Wonderwall" cover.

jphillip said...

There will be more Ryan Adams to come, and I truly regret that fact. He seems to be quite a detestable character. My sister saw him in October at the Ryman, and he nearly got into two fights. For $ 39.50 Ryan Adams better play his ass off for 90 minutes and spare me the commentary on his record label woes.