Thursday, December 7, 2006

#20 - Ta Det Lungt, Dungen

What he said... and what Efrim said when he saw the cover, "Dungen. Loud rock roll."

#19 I do not want what I haven't got, Sinead O'Connor (1990)

Sinead has always presented a perfect dichotomy - angst ridden lyrics encased in beautiful melody. This album paved the way for many a bitch rocker but, in my opinion, none of them came across as sincere in their efforts as she did. Although she was pushing her feminist, anti-establishment ideas, she also made sweet references to her son, pined after lost love and mourned the losses of those who suffered injustice.

Despite any controversial public appearances she has made, her music maintains a delicate balance of beauty and grace in the midst of anger and frustration. I, as a teenager, found that this album expressed perfectly all that I was feeling without leading me down a self deprecating road.

Can I get an "amen" Daniel?

Favorite tracks: Three Babies, Emperor's New Clothes


Big Cougar said...

I think my favorite part about these two records being juxtaposed is the fact that they both display great gender hair reversal.

ATrain said...

all i know is that video for "Nothing Compares 2 U" freaked me out....back away from the camera....

daniel.brantley said...

oh sugar, you KNOW i'll give up an AMEN!

sinead is one of a kind. a force to be reckoned with. and more than anything, SHE AIN'T NO MAN'S WOMAN!

okay, just kidding. she's defined by a lot more than an unfortunate lyric. and that album is fantastic. does anyone remember the really comical song i did in my dorm room w/ that little 4-track in sinead's "style"? crap. it was awful.