Thursday, December 21, 2006

# 11 - Caedmon's Call - Caedmon's Call

I swore that I was through with terrible Christian subculture that had become part and parcel of existing in the South. I wasn't leaving the faith, but I damn-sure wasn't wearing the t-shirts or listening to the God-awful music. Then I found Caedmon's Call.

Caedmon's came to Union in February '96 when I transferred into Union. My roommate was a talented musician and had corresponded with the more ornery songwriter of the large group. I went to their show and was shocked at the sadness, or at minimum, the tempered expectations that filled their songs. This bunch sang about real things: Breakups, dealing with a friend's suicide, the oppressive expectations placed upon young believers. I could get with this.

Three vocalists (Derek Webb, Cliff and Danielle Young) nicely blend with an array of talented musicians. Acoustic-driven with plenty of B3 (I think) and Gwar-like stage theatrics (kidding).

Derek Webb remains one of my favorite songwriters, even more so after he left Caedmon's about 4 years ago. He continues to talk about racism, poverty, Darfur, torture, etc., in his solo work, and Caedmon's has never been the same since his departure.

They wrote sad songs, hopeful songs, but most importantly for a "pie in the sky" industry, they wrote sober songs. I needed that at 19 and probably still need that. Webb, Andrew Peterson, and others continue that tradition, but it was Caedmon's Call that saved me from the likes of both Ray Boltz and Sister Hazel, which is reason enough to rejoice.

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Lucky Strikes said...

I echo your sentiments exactly, Justin. Still love "40 Acres" the most, but this was a great album too, at a time when great albums were needed in this industry...