Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shake it

I can't remember when it began exactly. Somewhere around 13, the radio dial began to slide over to that rap/urban/r&b station. Ever since, I've had this strong stream of heavy beats, booty shakin' and mysogynistic lyrics that has found its way into my music collection. So, imagine my delight when I began to experience the more intelligent side of rap with the likes of Mr. Lif, Danger Doom, Aesop Rock, and my favorite at this point in time - Sage Francis.
So here's one of his albums - A Healthy Distrust - to grace my list.
Fav song: Sun vs. Moon w/ all it's offensive lyrics - (In a really bizarre way, it reminds me of Carmen's song - The Champion) I tried to type out some lyrics, but realized that it's really hard to convey the rhythm and timing that makes this sort of music good - so go listen to it.
Crumble is also a nice one for those of us who are feeling a little faded as our 30's are looming ahead. One special lyric "the childhood scar is back on my chin again / that old jump over my own leg dance move has to end"
(BTW, go to an independent rap show - people dance and it's fun as hell.)

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daniel.brantley said...

so do you love the song sun vs. moon b/c it sounds like carmen? or is it just a coincidence?

do you think your inner musical child begs to return to the purity and perfection that is carmen?