Thursday, December 7, 2006

#18 PEDRO THE LION - It's hard to find a friend

JUST when I thought I'd escaped the Christian music of my high school years (tooth&nail with a strong plankeye tinge) Wes M. introduced me to PTL...nooo NOT TBN's Praise the Lord! show, but Pedro the Lion. This should be in my top three...but I can't think of an #18, so I'll post this now.

This one of of the albums that made me vow to never use guitar or vocal effects like reverb or distortion (a vow I finally broke years later, thankfully). This is also the album that made me wish I had that snazzy "Pedro Neckbeard©"

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Big Cougar said...

This record helped reaffirm in my mind that yes, husbands in winter do know the truth.