Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Urbane Hymners = Film Stars

Far be it from this Master to not support his followers, even if the subject is off the topic of music. Fellow Urbane Hymners Saucerocket and Captain Ultra have both written and starred in some fantastic internet productions that will both tantalize and tickle the senses. Please enjoy responsibly.

Sacerocket's n-tara Behind the Scenes - Go here to check out outtakes afterwards.

Captain Ultra's The Defenders of Stan series - Look for a Christy brother cameo in #2.

The Defenders of Stan, Episode 1
The Defenders of Stan, Episode 2
The Defenders of Stan, Episode 3


Captain Ultra said...




man. its been a crazy couple of weeks. the onion just asked us to do original content for them, yahoo offered to buy stan to compete with googles youtube original content, and austins (stans) brother is in talks with the learning channel about a couples cooking show because of a series of audition packages we shot and filmed for them.

busy busy busy

Lionel said...

these are great, josh. Verry great.