Sunday, December 10, 2006

"two soft voices, blended in perfection"

#13 Quiet is the New Loud - Kings of Convenience (Astralwerks, 2001)

Sugar and I were in Cape Cod on our honeymoon 5 years ago and had stopped into a Borders to get some new music for our trip up to Vermont. We separated and I came back with some "sad bastard music" (Belle&Seb) and one of "5 copies of the Beta Band 3 eps". She met me with only this album saying you're gonna love it. And love it I/We have. The harmonies and acoustics hit me like a breath of fresh air as we ascended into the Green Mountain State. Every song is so delicately delivered and accented perfectly with the piano. I can't not see and feel the lush landscapes, the streams, and the peacefulness that that state offers each time this record plays. Of course sharing it with my new bride was something day we'll see you again Vermont, one day...

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Captain Ultra said...

this is in my top 45, i know that much.