Thursday, December 7, 2006

i have forgiven jesus

it came out of nowhere.

literally. i dont think anyone knew. because no one was watching anymore. no one was paying attention. we had all given out hope.

i dont listen to the radio. sorry to all of our dj friends out there, but between the playlists of top-dollar songs to the CONSTANT ads every 15 minutes, i just cant take it. this is what makes the discovery of this records existence so odd: i was listening to the radio, on the way to band practice in staunton, and suddenly the coked-up dj says "blah blah blah newest single from morrissey blah blah blah"

i think i almost wrecked my car.

he was back, risen from the dead like the savior he was publicly forgiving in lyrical form.

the sharpest tongue in rock was back with a vengeance. and i was too happy for the wit and anger and sadness and yearning to come back into my life with something new to say.


MORRISSEY-you are the quarry

RELEASE DATE: May 18, 2004
LABEL: attack

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Big Cougar said...

"Irish Heart, English Blood" may be my favorite Morrissey song ever. I love it when he goes off on Oliver Cromwell...

"I've been dreaming of a time..."