Monday, December 11, 2006

Cutting Through God's Country Like a Knife...

What the heck, I'm feeling ambitious, here comes #19.

Genesis, We Can’t Dance

This album made a strong debut in 1991, flooding the airwaves on many of our middle school school buses. Of course, the title track is a classic hit and was one of the first music videos I remember watching. I always find myself being drawn into the stories of these songs. My favorite song on this album is Driving the Last Spike; a song that recounts the struggles of Britain's early railroad workers. The song is continous in its theme and story, but has several different sections that engage you for the duration (over 10 minutes). Blasting and cutting through gods country like a knife/Sweat stinging my eyes/ there has to be a better life/ Ah but I can hear my childrens cry /I can see the tears in their eyes/ Memories of those Ive left behind/Still ringing in my ears

Other tracks of note- Jesus He Knows Me, Never a Time

Track to avoid- Hold on My Heart

Also, for Papa and Lucky, if you search for "We Can't Dance" in You Tube and choose the second one (Genesis- I Can't Dance), there is a kid singing that Lynn is convinced in Cam.


Lucky Strikes said...

This album was in my first round top 25 before I made some cuts. I feel ya, brother. We can dance to that.

Lucky Strikes said...

Holy crap, that is Cameron!