Monday, December 18, 2006

sweet, like an apricot

#8 Holiday in Rhode Island

The Softies (K, 2000)

I don't know if it's the purity of the voices or the honesty in the tales that effects me more. Where else can I find the words hem and apricot used in pop songs? These tiny ballads are wrought with the complexities and mysteries of Love... companionship, solitude, blindness, and clarity. The songs just make me feel, well..., swell, especially when they mope-"Me & the Bees." Another heavenly track 1 side 1, "Sleep Away Your Troubles" whose harmonies and wishes are enough to bring tears right out of the gate. But the final song "My Empty Arms" is so haunting and of course full of glockenspiel, it's my favorite. Just don't confuse this with twee, cause it ain't cute.
'Take it downstairs/no one here cares.'

Yeah, it looks good on the wall.

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Captain Ultra said...

so does 'leave here a stranger' in a record frame i got for christmas in richmond a few years back ;)