Tuesday, December 5, 2006

allow me to reintroduce myself...

also, sorry, I forgot to say hi. I'm Aaron Cowan, from Cincinnati, former college roomie of Big Cougar and hallmate of Papa Shoe. Oh, and in case my reference to "the burgeoning teenage sexual culture of the postwar era" (or whatever BS I wrote) didn't give it away, I'm a historian. And a damn good one, too.


daniel.brantley said...

wait a second.

then who is saucerocket? for a second i thought sauce was big cougar. and how did big cougar get his name?

oh well...good to see all your musical picks, whether i quite get who you are or not.

Big Cougar said...

Saucerocket is Josh Hathaway, friend of mine from back in the day and fellow accomplice (he drove) in the latest late night King's X experience of all time of which you were also a memorable part.