Tuesday, December 5, 2006

San Geronimo

#20 - Ocean Beach (Red House Painters) 1995

Could there be a more emotional collection of 9 songs? Sometimes it's hard to tell if RHP causes heartache or helps you cope with it. From the fun-loving opening instrumental Cabezon to the 13-minute final Drop, this album is one of Mark Kozelek's best works. A lot of spins in the Baughn household and many more for years to come. Cabezon will be included on the first compilation CD we make for our new baby girl in February!
Best Songs: Cabezon, San Geronimo, Shadows.


Papa Shoegaze said...

what was the year of this release?
and, aren't there going to be like 5 more beautiful kozelek releases to come in your countdown?

Lucky Strikes said...

Originally released in 1995, I think I started listening in 2000? Yeah, you might see a few more Kozelek works up in the Top 25. Might even make a BCS bowl...