Monday, December 18, 2006

possibly maybe probably love

Album : Post Bjork
My favorite memories of this album consist of riding around in the White Nissan with Didge and Slater. Not my coolest moments, but this album captured some of the frustration I felt caught between Brandon's academic world and a thankless job with the family from hell.
Army of Me - "And if you complain once more / you'll meet an army of me" Very electronic and futuristic...for 1995. Sometimes I'd be singing this to the boys, sometimes to their never satisfied mother.
Hyper-Ballad - Brush-y and soft. Still electronic. "We live on a mountain / right at the top / there's a beautiful view / from the top of the mountain/ every morning I walk towards the edge / and throw little things off / like/ car-parts, bottles and cutlery / or whatever I find lying around / it's become a habit / a way / to start the day / I go through all this / before you wake up / so I can feel happier / to be safe up here with you"
It's Oh So Quiet - The boys especially loved this song. It made them laugh every time. They loved the the big band crescendo as Bjork belts out the chorus "You blow a fuse / zing boom / the devil cuts loose / zing boom / so what's the use / wow bam / of falling in love" If my ear doesn't deceive me, I believe there are a lot of woodwinds in this song and it's an especially nice touch.


saucerocket said...

Good ole Sledge and Digger.

Sugar Mama said...

I'm glad you have some good memories of that time. I wonder what they're up to now.

Big Cougar said...

I ain't sayin he's a Gold Didger...good Bjork pick. I love me some Army of Me.