Saturday, December 16, 2006

#14 DANIELSON - tridanielson! alpha AND omega

Speaking of Freak Folk, Danielson once was my favorite band of all time, I think. I'm not a 'uge (that was a Trump impression, in case you missed it) fan of the Brother Danielson stuff, but I love me some:

Danielson Famile and

both of which were in RARE form on these two albums. These were about 9 years ahead of their time. Polyphonic Spree can kiss Dan Smith's bottom whiskers. It's hard to believe sufjan was actually once playing BACKUP to the famile.

Oh, if you're not familiar with the genius of the fam, check out:

Tell another joke on the ol' choppin' block:

"smooth death" is in my top 15 songs ever written.


Lucky Strikes said...

Lionel, we don't know each other, but I love that I just saw a Danielson album up on this post. That's like seeing Jupiter James or Rose Blossom Punch (sort of). If I see a Wish For Eden album make the top 25 I will buy you lunch...Nice pick.

Papa Shoegaze said...

"head(z)in the cloudz" was on a tape i made for myself and was my bump and grind. i listened to A and O this morn. and i concur as i did with b.cougar a few years back. years ahead, a la prayer chain (mercury). the market couldnt handle it i guess.
daniel b. and i took a trip to knoxville one weekend in '99 and he came back with metal opera and i came back with omega bc i couldnt afford both. what happened over the next couple weeks was 'idiot boxen' sing alongs in my dormroom and me choosing to stay and listen to the albums completion v going to class. so honest, definately preachy, yet so organic...

'i think i'll marry you'...

'rrrrrrrrrr, dragon slayer...'

'god's saving grace is long overdue'

'it's in the attic, it's in the blood...'