Friday, December 22, 2006

Fighting the Yule-tide Snubbery...

#17 and #16, Bing Crosby- White Christmas and Oak Ridge Boys- Christmas

Two family favorites that are rich in nostalgic and sentimental value. On his album, Bing sings many of the Christmas classics (White Christmas, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Silver Bells) and also throws in a hidden gem (Christmas in Killarney). The Oak Ridge Boys are a classic four-part barber shop style band with a flair of rock-and-roll and lots of Christmas creativity. My favorite tracks are Little One, Christmas is Paintin' the town, and Santa's Song. It is safe to assume that one of these two albums will be filling the Courter airwaves during Christmas time.

Now I can already hear the question being asked, "Is the 4-days until Christmas spirit clouding his judgment of these albums?" Rest assured that I have asked myself that same question and the answer was "No." I also asked myself whether these albums would be included in a mid-summers top 25 countdown and the answer was "Oh Yeah."

To omit them because of the proximity to the Christmas holiday would be Yule-tide snubbery.

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Captain Ultra said...

my all-time fav christmas albums are elvis's and the beach boys.

"my baby she told (clap clap) me , she dont wanna hold (clap clap) me..."