Sunday, December 17, 2006


I've got a lot of writing to do, so here goes.
Next album on my list: End of Amnesia by M. Ward
Lots of people have done this guitar, piano, vocals thing, but none so well as this guy. Whenever his stuff comes on, I always pause and stare out the window. That croaky, sexy voice is delicious. This is one of the few albums in our house that I actually feel was my choice. Living with Big Cougar, its sometimes hard to feel like I have any choice in that music realm. We wake up in the morning, the music goes on. My ipod hasn't been changed in a while, he reloads it. You guys know. So, we saw M. Ward at (I think) a Bright Eyes show. (Yeah, Lionel's not the only one with a dirty secret.) I usually can't judge music on a first listen, but I was immediately fascinated by how his songs transport you to another time. I mentioned it to B.C. and he dutifully found the album and gave it to me as a gift. So, ok, maybe he did buy it, but it was at my request.

Favorite song: Carolina
"Used to feel like California with baby eyes so blue/ Now I feel like Carolina, I split myself in two/ Now I'm walking backwards from Chicago through Washington / Oh but that ain't enough, no, you want me to run " Oh, his latest Post-War is amazingly good.

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