Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hey there mighty brontosaurus, don't you have a message for us

#14 - Synchronicity (The Police) 1983

How good is this album? Well, most reviews will tell you that the worst song is considered Walking In Your Footsteps, and that otherwise the album is a near-perfect epitome of The Police's famed denouement. Fortunately, I happen to love Walking, and have cherished this album for several years.
Be honest: even though Every Breath You Take is the most overplayed song ever, you still listen to the entire track before changing stations, don't you? While King of Pain and Wrapped Around Your Finger are the other party favorites here, don't overlooked the future-of-Sting-like track Tea In The Sahara, a peaceful lounger that actually closes out the original LP version of this album. This album is amazingly complex, yet the true genious lies in the way the band intricately crafts their sound around Sting's vocals (love the start of Synchronicity 2). Not surprisingly after a 2nd or 3rd listen, this album was more popular that Thriller at the time. Give it a spin this week...

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Papa Shoegaze said...

is there some reason that sting is missing his shirt there?
i spent a month with a professor during college and he used to sit in a lazy boy and pluck the bassline to 'every breath' every single day while nestled with a blanket.