Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sing us a song, a song to keep us warm...

#15 - Ok Computer (Radiohead) 1997

There will obviously be much more said about this album by much more accomplished Top 25 "composers" on this blog, but I will admit here that I am not an "original" Radiohead fan. In fact, though "Creep" was the first song I ever heard, Pablo Honey was actually purchased after Ok Computer, in the spring of 2000. I heard someone playing "Karma Police", and I thought, wow, that is cool. Who is that? I didn't know Radiohead was quite that, well, inventive. I checked it out, and I'm now a big fan. This album will live on forever, carried by some absolutely phenomenal tracks, including Airbag, Exit Music, and my cell ringtone, Let Down, perhaps my 2nd favorite Radiohead song of all time, and in my top 15 songs ever without a doubt. I can listen to every song on this album without blinking except Electioneering, which I actually find excruciating. To me, it's a dark, ominous album, full of foreboding background layers of guitar and voice. This is Area 51 to music. Mercury would fit quite nicely on this album. I love it.

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Captain Ultra said...

man. i havent listened to this in forever. its very good, but an endeavor to listen to. i only own this on vinyl...it takes planning. haha