Wednesday, December 6, 2006

women and children first

sorry. i had some stuff come up i had to do. i apologize for my disappearance.


i dont know really what to say about this record. i think it's hard to justify
summarizing something that i cannot fully understand; i can only appreciate. this is art. can art be right or wrong? good or bad? i dont even know if i can qualify putting this record through speakers as me "listening to it." i think i am just "experiencing it."

it was a hot summer, the summer of sandra, and i was a masonry laborer. i was working an hour away from home, and i had to be there at 6am. i was driving to work, already sweating. i was burned and bruised and tired. somewhere between something that sounded like a piano and somet
hing that sounded like a vocal sung through a toilet into a computer microphone, it started raining as i pulled up. "go home," the boss says. i didnt say anything. i looked up into the sky, let the quarter-sized rain drops hit my sunburned face, and said thank you.

i realize some people might disagree with me. i realize some people will probably go "but you said 'record' in the first paragraph!" and i agree with them. by all accounts, i probably shouldnt do this. but i honestly cant think of one of these albums as better than the other (especially once i snagged both as a double 10in. duo on insound). to me this is one piece of work. yin and yang. the start and finish to a t
hought...sung through a toilet into a computer microphone.

i am sorry.

#19 a

RELEASE DATE: Oct. 3, 2000
LABEL: Capitol

#19 b


RELEASE DATE: june 5, 2001
LABEL: Capitol

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Big Cougar said...

I don't think a toliet ever sounded better. My #19 and your #19 should get together....