Monday, December 18, 2006

oh you want to tempt her with your dirty rock n' roll

Sometimes you need an album that's big enough to cover all your anger and disbelief with the world's sad state of affairs. Sometimes you need an album that reminds you that girls don't just sing in hushed tones, filling all those boys with secret longings. Sometimes you need an album that kicks ass. So thank the lord that Sleater-Kinney has got this covered.

Album : One Beat

Best Songs - I like them all but these especially:

One Beat - That intro drumming and guitar, so cadenced and militaristic, with the the shrieks and squeals of the vocals create such tension. "Your word for me is fusion / But is real change an illusion / Could I turn this place all upside down / And shake you and your fossils out / If I'm to run the future / You've go to let the old world go / Could you invent a world for me / I need to hear a symphony"

Combat Rock: "Where is the questioning where is the protest song? / Since when is skepticism un-American? / Dissent's not treason but they talk like it's the same / Those who disagree are afraid to show their face"

Sympathy: "I've got this curse in my hands / All I touch fades to black / Turns to dust turns to sand/ I've got this curse on my tongue / All I taste is the rust / This decay in my blood"
"When the moment strikes / it takes you by surprise and / leaves you naked in the face of death and life / there is no righteousness in your darkest moment / We're all equal in the face of what we're most afraid of"

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Big Cougar said...

Well said. This is one of my favorite "I'm not left-wing or right-wing, I'm the middle finger" records.