Sunday, December 3, 2006

revelation! at 3:45 in the am...We Are Scientists sucketh.

This is a bit off topic, but who cares?

For those of you who don't know who I am...I'm Mike Lowery, an artist and designer in the DC area. I forgot to mention that before. I started posting as Winter Wolf, but when I switched my OTHER blog to blogger beta...nevermind...I'll just say I'm Lionel now.

Anyhow, for those that have been in my perimeter within the past 2 years, you've seen that I'm somewhat obsessed with writing a conceptual pop album. Not conceptual like "Winners Never Quit", but conceptual in the sense that I'd like to say..."we're going to sound like ________" and just stick to that, without trying anything new.

Over the past few months I keep hearing about We are Scientists, and (without actually hearing one of their songs), I decided that I would make music like and boring, but with hints of other popular bands (see: killers, strokes,YYY's), make it dancey...and then come up with some image that HotTopicers would buy into. Money focused.

Here's the problem with that method: This evening I was listening to under the search topic "killers" for some dance/rock inspiration and a W.A.S. song came up. It was the first time I'd actually heard one of their songs and I was baffled. They're unbelievably bad. How have I heard so much about them? Well, needless to say I realized that if I couldn't figure out how THIS band was so big, I can't make a money-making nock-off band of my own right?

I'm going to try some stuff this weekend, and I'll keep you all posted. Anyone interested in joining this project?


Aja said...

I disagree!

I adore WAS utterly and completely, even if they are admittedly kind of run-of-the-mill indie dance rock. You know what redeems them and separates them from the overrated self-important machismo of the Killers? They're fun! And they don't take themselves too seriously. I saw them in concert this summer and they put on a really fantastic show. I don't really see the Hot Topic image (have you ever been in a Hot Topic?) and before you judge them for one song, you should take a look at the whole album which is witty and adorable and an all around good time.

Also if you can make it through their website without at least cracking a huge smile, I salute you. They're hysterical.

Lionel said...

Wow. I have been put in my place.

Truth be told, I have only brushed the offerings of a HotTopic, so you got me there. I did see a lot of Nap Dynamite stuff, though.

Big Cougar said...

Lionel, you don't even listen to The Bravery, you old dry hump.