Friday, December 1, 2006

#22. NIRVANA - mtv unplugged

It's a common feeling among 'vana fans that this is the least-best of their albums. In fact (true story), when I told the little wife that this was my #22, she said "that's probably my least favorite of their albums." So, I challanged her by saying, "Right. Then, which is your favorite?" And shheee said "nevermind." so's I says, "yeah, which exactly is your favorite song off that." and she's all like "uh...all apologies?" and I'm like, "busted! that's In Utero, sista!" and then she's like, "doh!"


Anyway, back to me. I was an insomniac in high school, and listened to this album with two others (later to be posted) nonnnn stopppp while drawing at night.

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Big Cougar said...

This record answered some very pressing theological questions for me: where indeed do the bad folks go when they die?