Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Your Rehearsed Insanity

:: 10 ::

Foo Fighters
Self Titled

Would we even know Dave Grohl's name had Kurt not taken his own life? Or Sean "Puffy" Combs' name had Biggie Smalls not died? ... to be honest, I guess I don't know what his name is now... is it still P. Diddy? All I can be sure of is I'm glad these guys are out on the street 24 hours a day fighting foo so that we can enjoy our liberty.

Tracks of Note:
I'll Stick Around, Floaty, This Is a Call, Big Me

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Big Cougar said...

Genius. This was my #5 5 years ago. I still remember a time when you and I watched the video for "I'll Stick Around" for the first time at your parents' house. And we were like, "Brushing your teeth with a butter knife?" "Y'ouch."