Monday, February 12, 2007

Catch Up

Ok, so here's a hasty conglomerate of more albums that I truly love. However, since I'm drowning in school again, I hope these one liners will convey my feelings sufficiently.

Cat Power The Covers Record - Flakey like pie crust when interviewed or on stage, Cat Power's strength lies in her smokey vocals that come close to M. Ward in their deliciousness.

Work Clothes 5 Song + 3 - The eerie low-fi quality of sound, the sparse and spacey instrumentation and just enough lyrics lace this together, and every time I hear 'Turn Your AC On High' I think of loading up cars after Sandra Lou shows in the humid hot of NC summer nights.

Broken Social Scene You Forgot It in People - Sexy, Sexy, Sexy

The National Alligator - Something about the direct, self-assured delivery of these Brooklynites compels and embarrasses me at the same time, but 'Daughters of the Soho Riots' is so beautiful it makes up for all of their swagger


Sugar Mama said...

Aw...I got teary reading about Work Clothes. I miss those good old days. (when you were our neighbors)

Big Cougar said...

"Have you heard we don't care what your side project's called?"

Work Clothes I heart thee. Sandra Lou I miss thee.

Captain Ultra said...

oh my god!

i mentioned to papa that work clothes would have been on my list if i hadnt lost the cd in the wreckage of my explorer when i total-ed it.

i made a rule that if i couldnt hold the record in my hands, i couldnt put it on my list.

Sean B said...

I've never owned any of their recordings, but I saw Work Clothes open for Des Ark about 2 years ago, and (both parts of it) was one of the most memorable shows I've seen in CH. I think I'll track this one down.