Monday, February 5, 2007

Could've Been A Genius If You Had An Axe To Grind

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Self Titled

Chin up, Chicago... you still have OK Go. Thanks to the band's guerrilla marketing genius on YouTube with the treadmill video, I started liking the radio hits from their second album. So I took a listen to their first album and loved every song. They have a way of writing the catchiest tunes that just stick into your brain. This is a band that I didn't want to like, it's poppy and happy - but when I searched my feelings, I knew it to be true... they're just good. I defy you to listen and not be immediately put into a better mood. In fact, any Bears fan with murderous feelings toward Grossman should first take a deep breath, count to ten, and put on some OK Go.

Tracks of Note:
What To Do, Get Over It, Hello My Treacherous Friends, CCCinnamon Lips

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Big Cougar said...

Duly noted. When it's -25 and the Bears just lost the Super Bowl in ungainly fashion, maybe it does take a pop group with a bald lead singer to jump start Chi-town's engines.