Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Showdown

Here's a shameless plug for Elizabethton's own, The Showdown. My brother constantly talks about these guys and how good they are, but naturally because I'm the big brother, and obviously cooler and wiser, I never gave them the time of day until now.

I was very pleasantly surprised.

They also made the cover of HM magazine this month. Their new album released today, and they are going to be at Gatsby's in Johnson City tonight for a release show.

Maybe little brothers get some right from time to time.


Big Cougar said...

And to think I used to be the drummer in this band...and now the one they have is, like, 300 million times better than I am/was/will be.

Lionel said...

I drove from Jefferson City to Johnson City in 2001 or 2002 to see a Cool Hand Luke show at some church. I just went to hang out with the people that were going. I vaguely remember one of the guys in CHL being tiny. Annnyway, on the way there we got lost and pulled into a gas station. When Matt Little was asking for directions, we got to talking to this high school-age guy because his car was covered with punk and hXc stickers (yep, I just threw out hXc). Turns out, he was going to the show, too...and, like us, was also lost.

We got directions from the homeless guy who worked for Shell, and started to caravan to the show with Matt in front, my car second (I think a guy named Drew was driving), and this young dude third. Matt was driving really fast, and all of a sudden he U-turned onto another road, and we slammed on our brakes. Well, the guy behind us did the same thing and SLAM, there was a fender bender. But not with us...with a state trooper that was right behind the guy.

We slammed on the gas and drove off. Oh, wait I think Mark Priddy was driving. Anyway, later at the show that kid showed up and it turns out that the cop got out and started yelling at him, but ANOTHER COP saw the whole thing and told the kid to go, because it was the other cop's fault.

Oh, even though I wasn't (and still aint) a fan of the scream'o...the Showdown put on a killer show. The music was terrible, but one of the guitarists jumped up and accidentally hit one of the other guys, giving him a bloody nose. Awesome.