Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well I'm Mike D and I'm back from the dead

# 24 Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique

Apologies for not introducing myself yesterday: Justin here. I live/work in Jackson, TN (hour north of Memphis) at a Southern Baptist school with college students, so be on the look out for Ray Boltz at #'s 18 - 15. But for now...

If "Liscense to Ill" was one big Natty Lite kegger, then "Paul's Boutique" was like the Federalis busting up the party...and then passing out the imported stuff. While I'll always have fond memories of "Liscense" - (I got in trouble on the way to church in 3rd grade for singing along to "Fight for your Right." I believe I shouted, "your mom threw away your best porno mag." I cried when told what a porno mag was, immediately repented, and redicated my life that morning for the 9th time.) - "Paul's Boutique" belongs in a hip hop time capsule. "Paul's Boutique" came out right before sampling became mega-expensive. The samples alone on this album could probably fill a Top 25 list, but it's the attention to detail that made this album great for me. My personal favorite is the gun cocking over and over in "High Plains Drifter."

Favorite line: From "Hey Ladies" - She's got a gold tooth you know she's hardcore/
She'll show you a good time then she'll show you the door/Break up with your girl it ended in tears/Vincent Van Gogh and mail that ear

"B-Boy Bouillabaisse" gives us a glimpse into the instrumental experimentation that was soon to come on "Check Your Head" and "Ill Communication"


Big Cougar said...

Ultimate mashup ever: Ray Boltz's "I dreamed I went to heaven/You were there with me" over the organic drum loop, farting bass, and funk guitar from "Shake Your Rump."

saucerocket said...

A very nice choice.

Lucky Strikes said...

If you promise to put Ray Boltz into the top 15, I will move my Kirk Franklin album from #26 to #4. Is Ray still kickin' it?

jphillip said...

Trey, I think Ray is still kicking it, but the curly mullet is gone for the shorn skull/goattee combo.