Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Sister Got Lucky,... Married A Yuppie


Tom Petty
Full Moon Fever

So were we suppose to introduce ourselves? Sorry. I'm Joshua Hathaway. I'm a senior designer at a small interactive agency in Johnson City, TN.

This is my favorite of the Petty albums. I can pretty much listen to and enjoy every song with the exception of Zombie Zoo, which I can't stand for some reason. I have nothing else incredibly deep or intelligent to say, just that I like it. (and, oh yeah, I labor under the believe that Tom Petty and Bob Dylan are the same person.)

Tracks of Note:
Yer So Bad, I Won't Back Down, Running Down A Dream, The Apartment Song, Free Fallin'

Best When Played:
Two words. Road. Trip.


Big Cougar said...

Great choice - Petty is definitely a poppier Dylan. Have you ever heard the Traveling Wilburys? It's Dylan, Petty, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, and Roy Orbison (before he died). They have a couple of records that are a lot of fun.

Country Roads said...

Nice choice on albums... It's great to hear that someone else appreciates the Apartment song. I plan on publishing some more Petty later on.

Lucky Strikes said...

Josh, welcome to the list. Great choice to kick off the cool...