Tuesday, November 28, 2006

#24 COUNTING CROWS. August and Everything After.

How is it possible that one album made such an impact on the life of Mike Lowery? This should be in my top FIVE, however I won't remember to post it in a few weeks, so here's a rundown of my experience with this album:

a) first REAL cd I bought (first actual cd was sound effects, second cd? Weird Al. blush.) The album was released in 93, when I was in 8th grade and I remember listening to it while laying on my bed reading a Grendel comic. I had a huge crush on some girl who's name I now don't remember, but she was Asian.

b. In October of 19 and 97, more than NINE years ago (this was just after Recovering the Satellites had been released), Rachel (my wife) and I went to see Counting Crows at Nissan pavilion here in the DC area. A few months later we were dating. She and I had both loved Counting Crows (a love that I kept hidden during my college years whilest listening to punk and then experimental stuff and then folk and then and then and then) and though I don't think this album actually HELPED get us together, it sure was a part of our early relationship.

c) I can't tell you how many times folks told me I sounded somewhat Duritzy in my early bands. Perhaps we both have a slightly East Coast/MD accent? Isn't that possible?

d) I love pineapple. Adam Duritz looks somewhat like a pineapple. Fate?

Sure it's corny emote music these days, but was it possible to not love this back in the early 90's? Wait, I think I still love it.


Big Cougar said...

Anyone who ever listened to this record and who is male has moments when they wish no one else knew they liked this. Strange, this feeling, considering the band is enitely made up of men, one of whom has dated both Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. And possibly Vanessa Carlton. What?! (shudder).

Country Roads said...

an excellent choice to be sure. nothing to be ashamed of. i may cut and paste your article as release it in my top 10.