Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Story and 'da Fever

Alright, here is my first initial list of songs for my Top 25 of all time:

#25: The Story - The Angel in the House
#24: Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Both of these records made me excited about music at different times in my life. Saturday Night Fever was the album I played drums to, non-stop up until my first drum teacher died. I had learned a disco drum beat and would play it incessantly on my drum set. After my first drum teacher died, I found it difficult to play along with this record. Not sure why.

The Story excited me, not only for the songs that were melancholy/ singer-songwriter-ish, but for their stellar arrangements and musicianship, not to mention their vocal harmonies. Especially their song: Fatso, Pt. 2: Yo Estoy Bien Asi which was the spanish version of their song "Fatso" about the travails of being a woman and losing weight. Brilliant writing in my book, and I loved the salsa rhythms of the spanish version of the song.

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Big Cougar said...

Never would have guessed about the SNF soundtrack being up there. But you're right: there's something about that disco beat and being a drummer. I'm embarassed to say I've never even heard The Story, but will make it a point to check them out now.

If you can, sit tight on the rest of your listing until the 27th, when everyone's roll out begins. I'm anxious to see if any other Travolta-fronted soundtracks show up later...Phenomenon perhaps or Battlefield Earth?