Thursday, November 30, 2006

Build A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul


They Might Be Giants

The tape deck in my 1982 Subaru Wagon GL wore out the cassette of this album when I was in high school. Is it immature?... yes. Am I half-ashamed to list this as #22?... indeed.

Tracks of Note:
Birdhouse In Your Soul, We Want A Rock, Particle Man, Whistling In The Dark, Istanbul

Best When Played:
Riding dirty in your '82 Subaru Wagon GL.

1 comment:

Big Cougar said...

Any band that teaches us the importance of historical relativity is nothing to be ashamed of, i.e. even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Also, actually seeing a Tiny Tunes clip after all those years is amazing. Thanks for the flashback.