Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Efrim speaks....

#12 Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash may or may not have made my original top 25 but a significant event happened that skyrocketed him to a top 12 artist. It occurred at Thanksgiving this year when my year and a half-year old nephew Efrim left the Thanksgiving table asking for "Johnny Cash." Sometimes it takes a toddler to remind you what good music really sounds like. His favorite song seemed to be "Walk the Line", which isn't on this album, but this is when I started getting back into Johnny. I really like the story of this concert that is included in this album. My favorite songs are Folsom Prison Blues, I Still Miss Someone, and Jackson.


Papa Shoegaze said...

you have this on vinyl?

a guy named joe doug taught me you can never have enough Cash as we road in his pickup listening to this album in east tennessee. efrim is gonna play that train beat on my next recording and could for you as well.

Country Roads said...

joe doug sounds like a stud. no Folsom on vinyl yet... only on compact disc. i would be honored to play with E anytime.