Sunday, January 21, 2007

#11 SIMON AND GARFUNKLE bridge over troubled water

Finally a top #25 selection for me with some cred. Remember when Kings of Convenience were releasing albums under the name Simon and Garfunkel? Neither do I, we're just babies.

Oh, this was one of the first actual records that I owned, though. Like, actual vinyl my friends. Oh, wait...that's not true. My first doses of "wax" were (no joke):


I wish I had those now. No I don't.


Big Cougar said...

Yes you do.

Sean B said...

My 1st record was Star Wars related - compared to that, you're lucky. But anyway that disco mickey record looks fantastic. I think I would pay $15-20 for a copy of it.

Sugar Mama said...

At first glance, I thought, "Oh my God. Have I always spelled G-funk's name incorrectly?" It definitely sounds better pronounced "Gar-fun-clay."