Tuesday, January 9, 2007

2006 listens

some favs that I heard for the first time this year (not all 2006 releases)

#11 Trois Gymnopedies 7"- ISAN

Erik Satie's finest piano works done with ambience and beats

#10 Gulag Orkestar- Beirut

thanks master. eastern europe visited youthfully

#9 s/t- Vetiver

gentle rustic accoustic numbers w/a little help from joanna, devandra, and colm...

#8 Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural- The Psychic Paramount

mixed and played in the red, this 3 piece destroys! clashing, wailing, and ruining speakers.

#7 The Cavalry of Light- Lavender Diamond

earnestness for life and love. this 4 song can repeat all day with Becky Stark shouting 'dream the kind of a life that you will find/the kind of love that lasts forever'

#6 Ys- Joanna Newsom

even if you dont dig it, read an interview with her and you will respect it. this is a life lived and a dream unfolded. with van dyke, o'rourke, albini, analog, and artwork like this...she knows not everybody has this chance and she went for it.

#5.5 I'm Not b/w Comfy in Nautica 7"- Panda Bear

my dreamweaver

#5 Minima Moralia- Chihei Hatakeyama

thanks master. slowly unfolding ambiance, organ, and beautiful drone. this changes my mood as soon as i put it on.

#4 Plans Drawn in Pencil- ISAN

i have a soft spot for slightly melodic ambient electronica. these 2 guys shifted gears w/less beats and still crafted a gorgeous record.

#3 To Find Me Gone- Vetiver

again. his newest feels old. great songwriting and more fleshed out than his previous.

#2 Just Another Diamond Day- Vashti Bunyan

first released in '69, this old gypsy wrote and recorded a masterpiece that can change part of your life. if you love the earth, animals, and traveling, go with her...

#1 s/t- Beach House

victoria took me away with her voice and organ, and alex's slide kept shoegaze alive this year. cant get enough.


Lionel said...

what is it about that Beach House cover that I can't stand?

I just listened to ISAN for the first time, and am now a big fan.

Big Cougar said...

I think it's the sense of 8th grade trips to Myrtle Beach I get that makes me not like it's look. But the music inside is swell...

Papa Shoegaze said...

yeah, cant stand the cover either, what a shame...
glad ISAN is permeating someone else's room too.