Friday, January 5, 2007


#9 - Silver (Starflyer 59) 1993

I have so much love for this album. It was the catalyst for my musical experimentation (post-Michael W. Smith, etc.) in the early 1990's. Echo what Papa has said about the illumination that occured when Sin For A Season hit the Night Light airwaves. Every song is incredible, but none carry more weight or memory than Droned, which comforted and counselled me during a few dark, anti-"Ghetto"-fraternity antics at Covenant College. The song still mezmerizes me to this day. Of all the great Starflyer albums, this one still shines brightest.

Top Tracks: Zenith, 2nd Space Song, She Only Knows, Droned


Captain Ultra said...

i am so glas someone actually posted something and what a something it is!

good call, lucky. good call.

Lucky Strikes said...

Yeah, where is everyone these days?

daniel said...


who are you? you went to covenant, eh? i live in chatt-town and roomed w/ papa in the best house bristol had to offer...trying to figure out if i know you.