Sunday, April 1, 2007

Watching T.V. Movies on the Living Room Armchair

#2 No Need to Argue, The Cranberries

It seems that, for many of us, the albums we listened to in our adolescent years continue to rise to the top. This one carried me through that time of loneliness and confusion and inspired me to make music myself. The first songs I learned to play on guitar were "Ode to my Family" and "Zombie." I sang along with Dolores until I was out of breath. To this day, my weak voice is somehow made powerful when I'm singing her melodies.

My favorite songs continue to be "Can't Be With You", "Daffodil Lament" and "Dreaming My Dreams."

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Big Cougar said...

Excellent. A perfect #2 for you. Sarah went on a Cranberries binger last month, and it was good to hear No Need again. It had been too long.